Our Team Advantage

We are a team of highly motivated and focused professionals that draw on our knowledge and experience in aviation operations and ICT, to develop and implement solutions that enhance aviation operations and improve information management.

 Quote RightWe are the glue in aerospace IT.Quote Right

Our Subject Matter Experts are the best in the business. Our operational specialists are backed by dedicated technical specialists with broad coverage of the Aerospace ICT realm. Our teams capabilities include Project Management, Avionics Systems, ICT Support Services, Software Development, User Interface Design and Computer Based Training. Our composite teams work with clients to realise capabilities.

We don’t just provide support; we provide improvement, we implement capabilities. Sigma Bravo’s combined capabilities and business approach are unique to Australia. We attack complex issues and resolve them to enhance operations and simplify business. Our team takes the time to understand client operations and works closely with clients to improve business operations.

Our People

Our Core Values

Aircrew, Engineers, Software Developers, Project Managers, ICT System Specialists, Graphic Designers and Training Developers; our people are the best in the business. They have the professional skills and wealth of experience needed to optimise solutions to meet and exceed expectation.

Combined, our composite teams provide agile solutions to promptly resolve complex problems. These teams are assembled to provide the right mix of skills to get the job done. Their job is to simplify, not complicate.


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Our Core Values

The Sigma Bravo core values underpin all that we are about. From our work to how we liaise with our clients and each other, the core values provide a solid foundation for the integrity of our business.


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