REDengine is a web-based platform allowing subject matter experts (SMEs) and content developers to construct learning content. It has been designed, and structured based on adult learning principles. Our aim is to put the control of content changes in the hands of the people who know the content, rather than multimedia or software developers. Unlike other products, REDengine’s focus is to separate the learning content from the visual and technical aspects of eLearning. This creates a highly flexible platform for the development of online training, where content developers can create, edit, collaborate and publish eLearning packages within minutes. . No longer to content developers need to call on multimedia, or IT experts. They can update content without any technical or graphical skills. Some of the benefits are listed below.


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Create, edit and publish content within minutes, instead of days

Other tools put the power of editing content into the hands of technical and multimedia professionals. REDengine allows content changes to be made, and published instantly, by authors who know the content, not HTML.

Web based access allows content to be updated from anywhere

Because our tool is web based, your content developers can be writing, editing and collaborating on content from anywhere in the world.

Structure content based on strong learning principles

REDengine is setup specifically for online training, and our product is designed to meet online learning principles. We provide the framework for you to work with, allowing you to focus on your student’s learning material.

Multiple SMEs can collaborate on the same content

Writing training material can be difficult. To help with that, REDengine is designed to allow multiple authors to collaborate on the same training content in real time.

Hassle free secure hosting

REDengine is hosted within a secure environment. All training content is protected based on your allocated permissions.


If you would like to find out more, or schedule a demonstration, please contact us.