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Aviation Mission System (AMS)

Deployable Mission Planning Environments

Reliable, secure and scalable information environments are critical to support military operations now, and into the future.

Our agile teams work collaboratively with ADF to deliver deployable mission planning systems that provide an operational advantage.

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About AMS

Sigma Bravo directly support Army and Navy Aviation to align their mission planning capabilities to a common solution called Aviation Mission System (AMS). This is supported through our agile project team working closely with Army to deliver capability and provide full-lifecycle support.

We provide the program, software and hardware support for their mission planning capabilities, working in collaboration with Army Aviation.

Advantages of AMS

AMS equips Army and Navy Aviation users with a convenient mission planning environment at fixed, afloat or deployed locations. It provides a security accredited system with deployable computer hardware and software with geospatial and aeronautical information for a secure, operations focused mission planning capability.


Modern and secure system

Small footprint for easier transportation and deployment

Common off the shelf hardware used throughout

Connectivity between all in-barracks sites throughout Australia

Integrated and scalable mission planning systems


Customer Success Story

Read the success story of how we partnered with Defence to develop a more capable, compact, rapidly deployable, secure, mission planning system.


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Senior Software Developer

Develop software solutions which have a real world impact to mission critical aviation operations


Senior Software Developer

We are looking for a skilled Software Engineer to join our AMS Agile Software Development team.

Computer Based Training for AMS

In addition to the technical solution, Computer Based Training was developed focusing on equipment setup and configuration. The distributed training allows end-users to access the information anywhere, anytime.