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Network Operations

We design, build, integrate and support ADF networks

Fit for purpose

Modern, scalable, solutions, interoperable across ADF

Focus on Information

Ensuring the best information available at the right place, at the right time

Agile Service Delivery

 Improved solutions delivered faster from innovation

Scalable network capability across fixed and deployed operations

Our secure, sustainable and scalable ICT environments are designed to simplify complex operational environments. We work with ADF to enhance mission effectiveness and increase safety for the end-user.

Network Operations Sigma Bravo

Mission Planning Environments

Mission Planning Environments as secure, integrated and consistent platforms, with certified aircraft integration.

01. Interoperability

Common Secure Platform for interoperability with allied forces

04. Information Management

Providing support services and data required for planning of missions

02. Enhanced Security

Preserving safety, security and operational effectiveness

03. On-going support

Maintaining computer hardware to support mission planning

Aviation Mission System

Deployed network capability ensures the operational advantage needed for a future ADF.

The Aviation Mission System (AMS) provides ADF with decentralised, deployed, portable and remote ICT environments. Our full-lifecycle support includes hardware design, training and packaging.


Delivering agile development, integration and support for a modern military force