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Information Management

We create mission data to support ADF operations

All ADF operations rely on the ability to gain and maintain situational awareness across the operating environment.

Comprehensive situational understanding supports rapid decision making and thus assists the ADF to achieve decision superiority during military operations.

This includes high quality and innovative geospatial information and products.

Geospatial Support to Military Operations

Our role is to support the ADF by providing accurate and current information to military operators. We ensure that the war-fighters are equipped with the best information to make informed, tactical and strategic decisions. Our Information Management covers a spectrum of data, information, products and services including:

Mission Data Processing
Moving Map Display Capabilities
Geographic Names & Boundaries
Oceanographic Maps
Targeting Data
Topographic Mapping
Elevation & Depth Mapping
Image Processing
Aeronautical Chart Production
Maritime Charts

Our Geospatial Products and Services

To fully integrate and exploit current and future geospatial capabilities for the ADF, we provide the following services:

Geospatial Data Processing

Map Production

Geospatial Professional Services

We tailor geospatial products for aerospace and other platform integration

Information Management Sigma Bravo
Geospatial Map Sigma Bravo
Mission Planning Systems Sigma Bravo

Our Capabilities

Our Geospatial specialists are trained in the use of modern geospatial processing solutions including:

Esri Suite of Products



Global Mapper




Custom Mapping Display Sigma Bravo

We distribute a variety of Mission Data Sets in fixed, deployed and disconnected environments

We ingest, disseminate and synchronise data across approximately 20 Defence sites, including Defence Protected Network and Defence Secret Networks(DPN/DSN) and Deployable ICT Defence networks

Working in Partnership

To enable Data and Map Production and dissemination specific to the ADF’s operational and tactical need, we work closely with partners including Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO) and the Department of Defence


Our role is to ensure that the warfighter has the right information to make informed, tactical and strategic decisions.

We invest in our people and provide the positive culture needed to retain knowledge and expertise.


Hear from our Team

I enjoy the variety of tasks my job at Sigma Bravo offers, from mapping to complex spatial data analysis & data transformation


Geospatial Engineer