Emerging Systems

Enhancing Defence Capability through innovation

We work with Defence to develop emerging systems through research and development programs, as well as provide advice on how best to implement these technologies in mission critical areas.

From this, we support a range of solutions that increase

operational effectiveness and provide Australia with a highly capable military force. Through our culture of innovation, we are continually looking for ways to harness new technologies that will enhance Defence Capability.

Electromagnetic Battle Management


Delivering tactical, operational and strategic Battle Management in the

Electromagnetic domain

We are working as part of the ElectroMagnetic Battlefield

Management (EMBM) Program. EMBM will provide users with situational understanding of the civilian, AUS government, AUS military, partners and foreign national electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) use. It will provide the warfighter with the knowledge and tools necessary to make appropriate decisions about EMS use.

The project strives to progress and redefine the ADF’s

electromagnetic edge in a highly complex EMS problem space that seeks to provide the user with a rapid understanding of the highly contested, congested, and conflicting EMS that impacts all domains and Military services.

Plan Jericho


Collaborative design, development and rapid prototyping

A part of RAAF’s Jericho Disruptive Innovation, we are developing new technologies and emerging systems that will help Defence deliver a Fifth-Generation Force.


Mosaic Network

The Mosaic Network system automates sensor operation with the only humans in the system being the decision makers. This flexible, multi-sensor experimentation environment is capable of use across the joint force to explore future operating concepts using real sensors and networks.


Deployable Air Traffic Awareness (DATA) System

The DATA system is lightweight, low-footprint, rapidly

deployable and easily setup to provide air traffic awareness in the event of natural disaster, humanitarian or other operations for the safe management of airspace.

Land Systems Integration and Training

Land 8116 Phase 1 PMF

Cutting-edge training solutions for emerging capabilities

The AS9 Huntsman Land 8116 Phase 1 PMF is a new generation of self-propelled howitzer, integrating the latest in battlefield communications and command & control systems.

We have partnered with Hanwha Defense Australia to deliver cutting edge training solutions to support the AS9 Huntsman. This new partnership will enable us to provide a range of simulation and training capabilities, helping our troops stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and efficiency.