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e-Learning and Training

We deliver great e-Learning and training to empower military operators

A rapidly changing environment demands a learning solution that can keep up. We deliver world-class eLearning and computer-based training (CBT), enabling learning for the Australian Defence Force when training is needed.

eLearning Development Sigma Bravo

We draw on the knowledge and expertise of our

ex-military subject matter experts for relevant and accurate content

Essential e-Learning and training for military operators

Our computer-based training is essential to help military operators understand and maintain competency in the advanced mission planning systems we support


More Effective Learning

Supplements face-to-face training adding the flexibility and efficiency of blended learning.

Distributed training

Standardised content across the country means consistency of knowledge between dispersed units

Self Paced

Unlimited time to complete training. Access and revise any module at any time.

Fast Delivery

We deploy our eLearning packages directly to Defence networks and workstations

Continuation training

Use eLearning as a reference library following face-to-face training

Accessible anywhere

Our eLearning can run on standalone laptops used by remotely deployed units

We use REDengine to manage and publish eLearning content

Updated projects are republished in hours

Our courses are packaged with a custom-built eLearning content navigation and player system

  • Simple interface allows military users to find the courses they need quickly and easily 
  • Designed to run on specialised environments such as Australian Defence networks 
  • Plays various content types including software simulations , PDF documents and HTML5 pages 
  • Customisable player and content themes to meet ADF design and styling requirements
E-learning Navigation Player Sigma Bravo