Deployed ICT

Designing enduring capability support for the changing information environment

We are supporting the ADF to deliver enhanced Deployed ICT capabilities through a reliable, secure, converged and agile support system. Contracted to CIOG, we are working with strategic partners to provide improved Deployed ICT systems and services used across all ADF services and Coalitions forces

About Deployed ICT

As well as providing reliable sustainment for warfighting networks, we also deliver critical capability upgrades to ensure these systems remain secure and functional.

These upgrades include VOIP migration for the entire Royal Australian Navy (RAN) fleet, privileged account management solutions, Role Based Access Control (RBAC) uplift, incident trend analysis and scripting and automation.

Deployed ICT Benefits

Information-centric system

Heightened cyber resilience

Increased safety for the end-user

Mission effectiveness

Enhanced user experience

Delivering a co-designed, modern solution to the sustainment of Deployed ICT capabilities across Defence

Supporting Warfighting Networks

We are working collaboratively with Industry partners to deliver:

  • Continuous sustainment of in-service deployed ICT environments
  • Centrally-governed security and accreditation and enterprise governance
  • Enhanced capacity and skillsets of Defence’s ICT workforce
  • Strategic partnerships