Aviation Mission System

The Challenge

Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) and Multi Role Helicopter (MRH) Mission Planning Environment (MPE) was declared ‘not fit for purpose’ by the Commonwealth of Australia (CoA). This was due to the system’s high costs to sustain and effect system availability, difficultly to deploy and lack of Logistical support for the end users.

Sigma Bravo was engaged to develop a more compact, rapidly deployable, secure, mission planning system which includes new ICT networks, data systems and hardware.

What We Did

Sigma Bravo directly supported Army and Navy Aviation to align their mission planning capabilities to a common solution, called the Aviation Mission System (AMS). This was supported through our agile project team working closely with Army to deliver capability and provide full-lifecycle support.



AMS equips users with a convenient mission planning environment at fixed, afloat or deployed locations. It provides a security accredited system with deployable computer hardware and software with geospatial and aeronautical information for a secure, operations focused mission planning capability.

  • Modern and Secure System
  • Small footprint for easier transportation & deployment
  • Common off the shelf hardware used
  • Small footprint for easier transportation & deployment
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