Compliance Management

Sigma Bravo is developing a compliance management platform which provide the tools to improve business communication, and information dissemination. Our system provides compliance with all of company’s regulatory obligations, and follows ISO 9001 Quality Management Framework.

We understand how email has watered down business communication, and offer a solution which addresses this, through targeted communication and traceability. Our focus is re-establishing lines of responsibility within your organisation.

Our solution provides the following:

  • Maintain company policies, manuals and documentation in a single repository
  • Targeted delivery of information to the right people at the right time
  • Notify Staff as policies are published and updated
  • Ensure staff Read & Acknowledge policies
  • Receipt tracking provides audit trail for managers and directors
  • Report on results in real-time
  • Access anywhere, anytime – cloud based solution

To find out more about Sigma Bravo’s compliance management capabilities, visit the Bonafide Software homepage.

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