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Sigma Bravo partners with Airbus and Team Nightjar

Sigma Bravo has partnered with Airbus as part of ‘Team Nightjar’ for LAND 2097 Phase 4

6 AUG, 2020

LAND 2097 Phase 4

The Commonwealth of Australia is currently seeking a new fleet of helicopters to support the Army Aviation Special Operations. The solution being a cost effective, rapidly deployable, multi role helicopter to complement the MRH-90 Taipan in the Special Operations role.

Sigma Bravo partners with Airbus

Sigma Bravo has partnered with Airbus as part of ‘Team Nightjar’. Team Nightjar is offering their solution to LAND 2097 Phase 4 with a fleet of the modern and versatile Airbus H145M and in-country support.

Sigma Bravo currently provides Mission Planning Systems integration and support for multiple ADF platforms including the ARH Tiger and MRH-90 Taipan. As a trusted partner to Defence, Sigma Bravo offers Team Nightjar the same proven agile service delivery, collaboration and innovation when delivering key capabilities to Defence.

Recently, a Sigma Bravo Agile software development team and supporting mission IT expertise was integral to the transition of the Army’s MRH-90 Taipan into the Special Operations role. Sigma Bravo brings this depth of experience to Team Nightjar. The opportunity to support the H145M, operating in the Army Aviation Special Operations role, would add to Sigma Bravo’s existing team delivering, rapid, responsive and flexible support to Army’s 6th Aviation Regiment at Holsworthy Barracks.

ADF’s commitment to invest in Australian-led innovation maximises opportunities for Industry, while benefiting from small innovative businesses who understand Australia’s unique operational environment.

About Sigma Bravo

Sigma Bravo offers full-spectrum lifecycle support for complex systems and incorporates all activities required to realise a capability: integration, information design, software development and training. Learn more at our what we do page.

Image credit: Airbus H145M

To learn more, visit the Team Nightjar website.