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Sigma Bravo develops Deployable Air Traffic Awareness System as part of RAAF’s Jericho Disruptive Innovation

Sigma Bravo develops rapidly deployable kit in three months

25 AUG, 2021

Networked sensors to enhance Air Traffic Control capability

Sigma Bravo, in partnership with RAAF’s Jericho Disruptive Innovation is leveraging their R&D on networked sensors to enhance Air Traffic Control capability.

Developed in 3 months, the Deployable Air Traffic Awareness (DATA) System Prototype is a lightweight, low-footprint, rapidly deployable and easily setup system to provide air traffic awareness in the event of Natural Disaster, Humanitarian or other operations for the safe management of airspace.

SQNLDR Daniel Lee-Hagan, from 44WG, took the prototype out into the field and was impressed with its capabilities.

With this new system, we can set up the kit in less than ten minutes and have the ability to see aircraft on a screen in real time, which allows a lot safer control of the airspace.

SQNLDR Lee-Hagan

The DATA System Prototype is another great example of Sigma Bravo’s commitment to working as a trusted partner to Defence to support an integrated, informed and agile fifth-generation force.

Tim Wedding, Managing Director of Sigma Bravo, agreed the key to success were speed, agility and working closely with the end users of the product.

“The key to success for small enterprise is our ability to deliver context-based solutions with great agility enabling us to deliver what the Air Force needs quickly,” Tim Wedding, Sigma Bravo

Next steps

Following training in Canberra, the DATASystem prototype was deployed at RAAF Base Scherger during Operation Talisman Sabre.

The next step in the process is to test the DATA System Prototype across a number of use cases, and then rapidly modify and update the system.

The system allowed us to monitor the location of nearby civil and military aircraft without a radar. Additionally, the overlaying of this data on aeronautical maps greatly augmented our situational awareness.

FLTLT Alexander Heron, Air Traffic Controller 452SQN