Meet the Team – April

April is a Project Coordinator based out of our Canberra Office. Her highly personable qualities and experience as Project Support in the Defence Industry make her a great asset to the company. We asked her a few questions about what it's like working at Sigma Bravo.

5 JUNE 2022

What are the main responsibilities of your role?

Mainly to support my Project Manager, assist in updating/re-arranging the Project Schedule, drafting Agendas & Minutes, submitting Reports, updating the team Calendar, assisting with Travel arrangements, onboarding and off-boarding of members etc. and any other adhoc tasks that come our way.

What skills are essential to achieve success in your role?

Being flexible and adaptable as things can change very quickly at times. Also knowing how to prioritise to help complete all your tasks in a timely fashion, being organised and writing lots and lots of notes. I forget things easily and note-taking/list-making helps me a great deal with my job.

What software tools, systems, processes or methodologies do use to do your job?

I normally use Microsoft Project for scheduling, Sharepoint which is a really helpful desktop-based tool we use for data-management, and most of what's included in the MS software suite. As for methodologies, writing my list of tasks first thing in the morning sets up my workday to a good start.

Do you work within a team or autonomously?

I can describe it as both because I work within a team but the rest of my team is actually based interstate. However, I liaise with them online on a daily basis and also fly interstate at least once a month to catch up with my team at their main office.

Can you describe how your team works to achieve goals?

Each of us have a clear idea of what our role entails so we can go away and do our part. Everyone is motivated to do their own tasks and we have the freedom to do that without being micro-managed. We come together regularly and update each other of where we are at in terms of our delegated tasks and the system works.

What do you love most about what you do?

I really love the people I work with. Everyone has been so nice, sensible and competent that even though at times, things get very busy, I can see myself working with them for a long time. I also like the learning process. Just regularly listening to the SME's help familiarise myself with certain terms and concepts that I did not understand before and I am learning a lot.

Do you have any comments about the culture at Sigma Bravo or working with others across teams?

I love the culture at Sigma Bravo. It is a very welcoming and warm environment. I like being part of a smaller enterprise like this because you do feel a sense of belonging and being part of a family.


Project Coordinator, Land 8116