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Sigma Bravo acquisition by KBR

7 November 2017

KBR announces acqusition by KBR

Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it is now a subsidiary of KBRwyle, the global government services business of KBR, Inc. The acquisition will enable Sigma Bravo to increase the depth of its service offerings for customers and expand operations, working closely with various arms of the KBRwyle business. 

Sigma Bravo Managing Director, Tim Wedding said “We have previously worked with the wyle business and look forward to re-uniting these links.”

The plan ahead

The acqusitioin is an exciting strategic opportunity to grow at a time when Defence is seeking greater industry support. Our acquisition by KBRwyle represents a significant shift in Australian Defence Industry and shall realise exciting new opportunities for Sigma Bravo both domestically and internationally.

We believe the combined KBRwyle and Sigma Bravo capabilities and expertise will form a more competitive and innovative offering.

Read the KBR press-release here.