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Growler Innovation Support Team – Integrating Complex Capabilities for Australia

20 December 2018

Because it’s not just a new aircraft…

Australia’s new fleet of EA-18G Growlers provides a whole-of-ADF airborne electronic attack (AEA) capability that requires a joint force that can integrate, plan and execute electromagnetic spectrum operations to ensure maximum benefit. A small team from Sigma Bravo has been assisting the Royal Australian Air Force’s Growler Transition Team in a coordinated approach to Growler integration since 2016.

Initial technology solution delivered

As part of an experience led design approach to integrating EA-18G into ADF operations, the team worked closely with Defence Science and Technology Group to deliver an initial technology solution for decision support to the Air and Space Operations Centre in early 2018. This work has furthered the vision of integrated service-specific structures and approaches to electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) into a common command and control system at the joint force level.

A risk-based approach

In order to prioritise their work, the team adopted a risk-based approach. A key feature included engaging with the broader Defence community to bring together doctrine, organisation, process and training.

Building Knowledge

To build collective knowledge in joint EMSO planning, the Sigma Bravo team developed and coordinated a pilot course for current and potential EMSO planners across the three services and broader Defence community.

Feedback from course participants was positive and, in concert with the student awards, the Sigma Bravo team were given a Director Information Warfare coin in recognition of their role in developing and supporting the delivery of this course.