Sigma Bravo at Exercise Chong Ju

Sigma Bravo at Exercise Chong Ju

15 MAY 2019

Last week, team members from Sigma Bravo travelled to the Puckapunyal Military Area in Victoria, home of the Australian Army’s Combined Arms Training Centre, the Armoured Corps and the Artillery Corps to observe Exercise Chong Ju, a showcase of Army’s capabilities.

The day was an opportunity to give some real context to Sigma Bravo’s development of the PEX product, which has been modified to meet the needs of Army’s Land Range Safety Organisation.

Highlights included the M1A1 Abrams tank, M113 armoured personnel carriers, a M777A2 howitzer, plus aerial firepower displays including Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopter and Hawk-127.

The joint exercise is an opportunity for Army and Air force to demonstrate its preparedness for operational deployment. It’s also a culmination of extensive safety procedures and training – a driving force behind Ex Chong Ju.

M1A1 Abrams tanks firing

Lone Infantryman

Sigma Bravo colleagues PEX Technical Writer Andy English, PEX Software Developers Stephen Greentree, Daniel Hall, and Jonathon Crowe

Emma House, PEX Quality Assurance Tester in a Rheinmetall MAN HX40M protected tactical truck