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Essington Lewis Awards 2020

Sigma Bravo shortlisted as Finalist for Essington Lewis Award

15 OCT 2020

Excellence in Defence and Industry Partnership

The Essington Lewis Awards recognise excellence in partnership between Defence and Industry and highlight successful collaborations such as the partnership between Sigma Bravo and the Combined Arms Training Centre.

Sigma Bravo was shortlisted as a finalist for the award and would like to congratulate all this years’ recipients.

Land Range Safety Management Tool

The need for safer live fire range practices

Following a fatality on a live range in 2017, the ADF conducted detailed analysis to improve management and procedures for live fire range activities. One key focus was the provision of a system to track qualifications, experience and currency of range-qualified personnel and improve the live fire range planning and authorisation process.


The Combined Arms Training Centre (CATC) trains AusArmy courses from inital training throught to speciality technolgogy, operational equipment and weapons platforms

Image Credit: Department of Defence

Proven Solution

The Commonwealth recognised an existing software application used by Army Aviation and Navy Fleet Air Arm, called AusPEX, could be rapidly modified to meet this requirement. AusPEX is a critical Aviation Support System supporting flying operations for approximately 3000 personnel.

Collaborative Development

As a trusted industry partner responsible for developing and supporting AusPEX, Sigma Bravo worked in partnership with the Combined Arms Training Centre to deliver the Land Range Safety Management Tool in eight months. The tool has been successfully trialed and is scheduled to complete Army-wide deployment by 2021.

Sigma Bravo provides all the engineering, software development, data management, security and architecture support needed to develop, deploy and sustain this web-based capability on fixed, deployed and detached Defence networks. The support includes continuous software development and delivery using the Agile software development and governance framework.

Working in close collaboration, Defence and Industry augmented and expanded existing software to deliver an enhanced capability for ADF at a fraction of the time and cost.

Modernised Range Safety System

Working closely with ADF, the Land Range Safety Management Tool was delivered in eight months. The Land Range Safety Management tool tool is a scheduling and currency management system. It is designed to:

  • reduce administrative overhead
  • minimise human error
  • increase capability
  • improve efficiency
  • ensure safety of personnel

AusPEX Team

Sigma Bravo’s AusPEX team have been recognised for their agility, commitment to quality, innovation and ability to deliver beyond customer expectation. Once again, the AusPEX technical team have proven that military IT systems can be delivered on time, under budget and retain high quality software development standards.