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Sigma Bravo attends Army Demonstration Day 2019

 Sigma Bravo team gets up close to Army’s equipment and technology

27 AUG, 2019

On 23 August, Sigma Bravo employees spent the morning at Army Demonstration Day at Defence HQ at Russell Offices in Canberra, an annual event which showcases Australian Army’s latest technology and equipment.

A wide range of equipment was on show, including several armoured vehicles, UAV, artillery, individual soldier combat weaponry and protective gear. However, this year, robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) were at the forefront of Army’s future capability; UAV, Robots and AI machines were all on show.

The use of advanced and networked technologies on the battlefield is increasing, and it was apparent that our land force operations are ready to maximise soldier performance and efficiency with this technology.

Army’s Air Defence also took a front seat at the Demonstration Day, which included the RBS-70 (short range air defence) and local Canberra company CEA’s world-leading radar technology.

The Sigma Bravo team also enjoyed speaking one-on-one to personnel. Hearing about their insights and experiences with the systems supported by Sigma Bravo was another highlight of the day.

The Australian Army has put on an impressive display, demonstrating that it’s clearly an Army for the future joint operational environment. The Sigma Bravo team will certainly be adding the event to the calendar next year, to see where Army have taken things from here.

Sigma Bravo team mates in an ASLAV Type 1

The RQ-7B Shadow 200. Currently in use by the Australian Army for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) 

Sigma Bravo team mates with an ASLAV Type 1

M777A2 155mm Lightweight Howitzer, equipped with GPS and digital fire control system.

The EC-135, a new joint helicopter training system.

Vision 60 prototype by Ghost Robotics. Intended to reduce the physical and cognitive burden on our soldiers, such as carrying heavy ammunition or logistics loads.

RBS-70 short-range Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPAD). This system is utilised by the Australian Army and relies on laser guidance to strike the target.

Sigma Bravo team mates on top of an ASLAV Type 1

The team gets a first hand experience with the ADF’s new EF88 Austeyr rifle.