Sigma Bravo realises that transitioning from military life to civilian life is a significant event in your career. It can be a difficult and often stressful experience, for both the individual and subsequently for families. Sigma Bravo is made up of a mixture of ex-military and non-military personnel, that are able to provide advice and support through your transition to civilian life. Sigma Bravo also understands that leaving the military can sometimes be a lengthy process, and provide the time and availability for you to transition as necessary. The culture and environment is similar to what you are familiar with.

Sigma Bravo’s core values are fundamentally similar to those of Defence, making transitioning your career a positive and familiar experience. The environment that Sigma Bravo operates in is closely tied to the Australian Defence Force making your new working environment one in which you can feel right at home in many aspects.

“It feels like Sigma Bravo, has taken the best points of the military, left the rest behind, and blended it with an interesting civilian environment and lifestyle”SQNLDR Jason Moyle

Because Sigma Bravo works so closely with Defence there is a strong possibility of working with or around your old colleagues and even at your old base, especially if you have been working within a military aviation environment. Additionally, Sigma Bravo encourages and allows you to spend time within the reserves so you can maintain your link with your military service if you desire.