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Recruitment Process

Applying with us

Q: What can I expect when applying at Sigma Bravo?

Our aim is to make sure that Sigma Bravo is a good fit for you. Here at Sigma Bravo our people are at the core of our business; they are what makes us great. For that reason, we place a strong emphasis on finding the right people, and putting them in the right job. Our interview process is thorough, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be daunting.

We want to know about you, and how you align with our core values. For us, it is more important to find the right person, than to find the right skills. We aim to make the whole process as friendly and approachable as possible. We’re trying to find another member of our Sigma Bravo family, so we really want to get it right.

Q: What’s Sigma Bravo’s recruitment process?


We start with an informal meeting. Our aim is to discover what you are like as a person. Are we a good fit for you? Do you share our core values? Typically this is a 30 minute phone call covering your career goals, what you’re good at and your past experience. We are also keen to find out what you aren’t great at, or aren’t excited about professionally.

Top Grading

Our next step is to meet you in person. If you are interstate, we will fly you to head office to meet the team. Allow at least 2 hours for this interview. Our aim is to gain an in depth understanding of your experience in your career to date. We will focus on your achievements, low points, and your performance in the role.


If you make it through to our next stage, this is when we start to focus on the role you are applying for. This can mean more than one interview with some of the team you will be working with. Here we will focus on what we expect of the position, and run you through your individual scorecard. This is your opportunity to clarify any outcomes of the position, and find out exactly what you will be doing.


If you have got this far, congratulations! This last step is somewhat of a formality, however it is really important to our process. We actually do contact at least three of your references. The aim is to ask the same questions to those we asked you during the recruitment process. Honesty and integrity are important for us, so we want to ensure that your references are consistent with you.

Q: Where to from here?

Whether you are about to apply for a position or have already done so, we look forward to taking you through your recruitment journey.