At Sigma Bravo we are passionate about our core values. They are the foundation of our company culture, and drive our decision making internally. Our values define how we conduct ourselves and how we do business.

Our core values are as followed:

  • Deliver Beyond Expectation

  • Committed to Quality

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Flexible and Adaptive

  • Open Communication

  • Family

For further explanation of our core values, see the explanations below.

Deliver Beyond Expectation

Good enough is not enough. We don’t just settle for meeting requirements, we strive to deliver beyond expectation. Whether it is dealing with a client or another team member, we go the extra mile to impress.

We set the standards that others try to replicate

Committed to Quality

Quality is key. Pride only comes from a commitment to quality outcomes. Our reputation is paramount and built on a passion for quality.
Our computer based training, field service support and software development are all examples of our quality.

We stand behind everything we produce

Innovative Solutions

Creative thinking and creative ideas that have the potential to fundamentally improve operations. We consider new technologies, industry directions and workflow to formulate innovative, and practical solution.

We work with you to optimise your business

Flexible and Adaptive

The benefit of a smaller company is our ability to be flexible and adaptive to meet the needs of our clients and take advantage of emerging technology.

You don’t always know what you want. We appreciate that, and provide you with an agile environment to refine your ideas.

We focus on fit for purpose

Open Communication

We pride ourselves with our open lines of communication. We aren’t a large company with unnecessary bureaucracy.
There are no hidden agendas. We believe in transparency throughout the organisation. We focus on getting you what you ask for.

We are friendly and approachable


We work smart and understand the importance of family. For us, this is both internal and external. We consider Sigma Bravo a family and we look after one another accordingly.

We aim for a positive experience in all activities for our company personnel and clients.

We believe honesty and respect are key to any family